Research & New Knowledge

Øhavsmuseet Faaborg focuses on two central areas of work: the formation and cultural history of the landscape as well as urban history with law and punishment as a focal point. Both areas also form the framework for the museum’s self-appointed research activities and are generally covered by several disciplines. Research work is handled by the museum’s academic staff with degrees in history, archeology, ethnology, and knowledge dissemination.

Research projects, which stem from the museum’s responsibility in accordance with the Museums Act, will also form part of our work. Øhavsmuseet is liable to preserve and advise on cultural history from ancient times to the present. Some research projects are carried out in more or less formalized collaborations with other museums and with Danish and international universities.

Landscape Research

Øhavsmuseet Faaborg researches the landscape’s formation and cultural history – based on the Danish landscape, but with a view to the world. The foundation of the museum’s landscape research is the concept of a landscape that equates the physical landscape with man’s inherent understanding of his surroundings. This concept makes room for several different disciplines to meet in projects that we initiate and participate in and it is reflected in the variety of partnerships, which include both universities and museums in Denmark and abroad. As a framework for our landscape research, we operate with two focus areas: the lake-highland around the lake Arreskov Sø and the archipelago with its adjacent coasts and islands in all sizes. These two types of landscapes represent the main landscape components within the museum’s area of responsibility as well as a common type of cultural landscape that forms Denmark and its surroundings.


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MA, archeologist Anne Garhøj Rosenberg
MSc in Information technology, archeologist Nicolai Garhøj Larsen
MA, historian Tissel Lund-Jacobsen
Ph.D., archeologist Poul Baltzer Heide 1 or 2

News about our research projects can also be found on Facebook under the groupname: ASLAKR


Head of Research, Øhavsmuseet Faaborg, archeologist Poul Baltzer Heide.