Practical Information


At Øhavsmuseet, we strive to offer our guests the best experience when visiting our various exhibitions and activities. As they all have different locations and designs, our practical information is linked to each individual site. Below please find an overview as to parking, disabilities, strollers, dogs etc.



“Discover Yourself” is our new exhibition on humans’ relationship with nature. Here, you are encouraged to let all your senses explore, how nature affects you personally. Accompanied by a digital “Storyteller” and short texts in print, you will also learn about your ancestors’ coexistence with nature through history.

Parking: Free parking at Øhavsvej, just behind the premises of Øhavsmuseet. Two accessible parking spaces at the museum entrance. Entrance is fitted with stairs and an accessible ramp.

Accessibility: (Mobility disabilities) The hall and the exhibition are suitable for wheelchairs and walkers, except on the plateaus. (Vision disabilities) The exhibition is based on sounds, lights, ambience and touchable items. The digital Storyteller makes it easy to hear the stories. (Hearing disabilities) We recommend that you bring your own headset for the digital Storyteller. The stories on print can be borrowed in the museum shop.

Pram/stroller: Parking outside. In bad weather, limited space is available in the lobby.

Animals: Service dogs are allowed into the museum. For family dogs, you will find a water bowl and a dog parking hook outside. Please remove your dog’s mess, if any.

Food and drink: Coffee, tea, water, snacks and sweets for sale in the café. Refreshments are not allowed in the exhibition. Picnic tables are available on the terrace and inside the “Lunch Box” shelter. A selection of cafés and restaurants are located within a short walking distance.

Storage: Lockers are available at the museum.

Lavatory: Available at the entrance, incl. an accessible toilet.



Faaborg’s old town jail at 19 Torvegade is an authentic and protected building with staircases, narrow corridors, and small prison cells. Its long history is told by the means of original prison artefacts, posters, sounds and digital effects.

Parking: At “Den Voigtske Gaard” (entrance via Havnegade or Vestergade) and alongside the waterfront. 2 accessible parking spaces at Torvet, located opposite the entrance to Arresten.

Accessibility: (Mobility disabilities) With 3 floors, staircases, narrow corridors (85 cm) and cell doors (65 cm), the town jail is a challenge to wheelchairs. Yet, it is possible to visit ground-floor as well as Court Room and 1st floor via a lift in the Tourist Information office during their opening hours. Please contact our museum guide in Arresten. Walkers are possible, if you bring a personal helper. (Visibility disabilities) The exhibition contains text-based posters, touchable objects and sound effects in the cellar. (Audio disabilities) Except for the sound effects in the cellar, the exhibition is primarily based on the authentic building with artefacts and explanatory text on posters.

Pram/stroller: Can be left at the entrance or inside, provided sufficient space. Please ask the museum guide.

Animals: Service dogs are allowed into the museum. For other dogs, you will find a water
bowl and a dog parking hook outside. Please remove your dog’s mess, if any.

Food and drink: Refreshments are not allowed inside Arresten. However, you will find several cafés and benches at the town square.

Storage: Lockers available at the entrance.

Lavatory: Available on ground floor and second floor. Accessible toilet is located in the same building, but with entrance from the town square via “Faaborg Byarkiv”.



Kaleko Mølle is an old, protected water mill, located in the middle of a hilly landscape, just 2 km from Øhavsmuseet. The outdoor facilities are available all year. In summer, the former miller’s house and the mill itself are opened during the Danish school holidays.

Parking: a minor gravel parking lot is available, followed by a path to the mill.

Accessibility: (Mobility and vision disabilities) The uneven terrain and narrow door frames make conditions difficult and require a personal helper. (Audio disabilities) No limitations, except for the listening posts “Water’s Way”.

Pram/stroller: Can be parked outside.

Animals: Outdoor, dogs on a leash are welcome. Indoor, only service dogs are allowed. Remember to remove your dog’s mess, if any. During school summer holidays, a water bowl is available at the café.

Food and drink: Outdoor picnic tables are available all year. The café is open during school summer holidays.

Storage: Not available.

Lavatory: Available at the café during school summer holidays. No accessible toilet available.



Øhavsmuseet offers a variety of outdoor tours such as snorkelling, transparent canoe sailing, mountain biking and hiking. The character of outdoor activities often demands that you are in fair physical shape.

Parking: Available at the given meeting place, often determined the day before. Especially water activities are dependent on the weather conditions.

Accessibility: Regretably, our outdoor tours are not suitable for wheel chairs. Whether you will be able to join the tours depends on the activity, your disabilities and if you have a personal helper. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Pram/stroller: Possible to bring along on our hiking tours. Not suited for our water activities.

Animals: Dogs on leash are welcome on our hiking tours, but it is not possible to bring them on our water activity tours.

Food and drink: Water and snacks can be bought on the tour.

Storage: Rucksacks etc. can be stored in our van or trailer.

Lavatory: Available at some of the locations.



Please contact us here, if you have any questions. As to parking in Faaborg in generel, you will find an overview here. We look forward to greeting you in Faaborg and at Øhavsmuseet!