Outdoor Adventures

Snorkeling to the stone age

The seabed of our Southern Funen Archipelago hides the remains of a Stone Age landscape. Join Øhavsmuseet’s archaeologists on a snorkeling tour and explore the magical world under the sea. Here, traces of the Stone Age people can be found, and above surface you can enjoy the scenic coastline. We provide all the gear needed and a thorough snorkeling introduction.

Family Snorkeling to the stone age

Explore the Stone Age under the sea. This tour is an easy and fun way to try snorkeling together. A unique experience for the family.

This adventure is tailor-made for families with kids between the age of 8 and 14. We provide you with proper gear and a fun, thorough introduction, before we enter the water. Now, we are ready to hunt for the sunken Stone Age site. We stay close to the coast and you can choose a break, whenever you like.

In 2021, the tour dates will again be during July. The exact schedule will be published later.

bike and wine

Since the Middle Ages, Funen has been known as the breadbasket of Denmark. Today, a budding wine production can be added to its reputation. Join us on a guided 10 km bike tour with tasty stops at local wine producers.
Should your tour be cancelled due to COVID-19, you will get your money back.
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