New museum in the making

Museum for inner and outer landscapes


The concept of our new archipelago museum is to take Nature very personally. Because this is exactly how many people consider their relationship with Nature. They greatly appreciate its beauty and even more so seek its positive impact. Both elements are focal points at the new museum, where Nature’s interaction with culture and our individual lives is on display. We wish to create a bond between our inner and outer landscapes through notable exhibitions that present a combination of Nature’s elements, insights into human history and modern technology. This set-up offers visitors a unique experience of Nature, psychology and culture intertwined in a totally new way. It gives the spectator an opportunity to become aware of one’s individual response to Nature’s different stimuli. With this concept we are able to create an engaging connection between visitors and our ancestors, acknowledging the fact that humans are part of Nature and that our culture has evolved from it. The experience and insight provided are designed to make communication of our cultural history and landscapes relevant and alive for present and future users of culture and nature.

Nature is truly a common human denominator. Not only do we talk about it frequently, we may also use it for all kinds of gatherings. Throughout millennia, Nature has influenced every single person, every single area and whole nations. Consequently, the new museum will encompass both local and international relevance.

Psychological studies confirm that our brain and mind are wired to reside in natural landscapes. They are the optimum places for us to recharge and to find peace in our daily lives, otherwise filled with buildings and technology in a fast-paced world. Hence, there are plenty of healthy reasons to spend more time out in the open to reconnect with yourself.
The ambition of our new museum is to inspire you to seek more outdoor experiences and to hopefully give you a chance to learn more about yourself – and about the various social communities that you are part of.

The first stage of the new museum will be launched in the middle of 2020 at Faaborg Habour.


For our new visitor centre we want to produce a table-top-style animated physical 3D model for visitors to gather around and learn. The main goal is to give people an easy-to-understand visual representation of how ICE, WATER and HUMAN ACTIVITY have shaped the landscape we look at today, right outside the museum.

The model will be a centrepiece in our visitor centre. It will be beautiful and fascinating in itself, but at the same time it tells a story -a story that is central to Øhavsmuseet (“Archipelago Museum”), where the key ambition is to get people out of the visitor centre and into the real landscape. It is the story about how glaciers created the beautiful and dramatic Svanninge Hills, and where large amounts of melting water, flooded a large section of the landscape, that we know today as The South Funen Archipelago.

We invite companies to provide a creative solution submission for a table-top flooded landscape model. If you are interested please contact museum curator Mette Broch Jacobsen to get the full description of the specifications.

We hope to subsequently invite one of the companies to carry out the execution of the design, production and installation of the model in the exhibition space. We would like a creative solution submission by 6th march 2020 to be submitted to Mette Broch Jacobsen. The final delivery and installation of the model will be 30th September 2020.