Kaleko Mølle

The charming old water mill

Perfect for a cosy family outing.

In the idyllic and hilly landscape of Southern Funen, you will find the oldest running water mill in Denmark, dating back to the 17th century. The last miller left the premises in 1912 and since then, the mill has delighted visitors of all ages with its unique charm. 

A miller for a day

A visit to Kaleko Mølle is a cosy family activity. This season, kids have the opportunity of making their own flour with a small grinder, which they can operate themselves. The flour will be handed out in a small bag and may serve as a very special ingredient for homemade pancakes in the summerhouse. 

Traditional craftwork

During summertime, changing workshops are creating traditional craft at the mill. See a woodturner or a bookbinder at work. Or watch the making of wool or schnapps. Faaborg Snapselaug will be pleased to offer a tasting of the local “Archipelago Schnapps”. 

Home of a miller

The old water wheel has been restored and runs just as it did, when it was grinding the grain in the 1600s. The mill house is decorated like a miller’s home a century ago. Get an insight into the life of a working mill from the days when the mills played a central role in Danish industry. 

Hide-away for elves

International guests may indeed wonder, why Kaleko Mølle houses a collection of elves. However, to many Danes, it brings back memories from the 1980ies, when the mill was starring as the outdoor location in the beloved TV-series “Nissebanden” – a Christmas tale for kids. 

Opening hours 2022

Prices Havevej 38, 5600 Faaborg

19 June: 10 am to 3 pm
27 June – 21 Aug: Every day 10 am to 3 pm

The outdoor area at the mill is open all year for visits.

Free entrance

Group tours and additional openings can be booked at booking@ohavsmuseet.dk