The Old Merchant’s Courtyard


A sentimental Journey

Discover a small piece of Faaborg during its flourishing period of 18th and 19th century. A visit to the old Merchant’s Courtyard will take both young and old on a journey to the golden ages of our market town. Inside this picturesque half-timbered house, you can stroll through beautiful rooms with treasures that were brought home from voyages on the great oceans. Or were imported from the local island Lyø, like the collection of fine embroideries.

Special exhibition

Is it possible to find the element of power in the periodic table? Is the yellow metal really gold? Which story can the blue glass bead from the Bronze Age tell – and the Medal from the former GDR? Get the answers in our special exhibition “The Element of Power” that focuses on how museums work with conservation. This exhibition is the initial part of the project “Past in the Future”, a joint-venture between Østfyns Museer, Bevaringscenter Fyn, Svendborg Museum, Langelands Museum, Marstal Søfartsmuseum and Ærø Museum.

For kids: Get a Sailor’s Certificate and leave for China

Got what it takes to become a skilled sailor on a dangerous voyage to China? You must store the goods, set the right course, and tie your knots properly. And Sailor, don’t forget to throw the mooring lines!
Now, kids can get a taste of how Poul the Seafarer on China lived his life – first as a poor young man and later as a wealthy member of the establishment. If you manage all the hardships, you will receive your Sailor’s Certificate. Participation fee DKK 25.

In 18th century, Poul the Seafarer sailed to China 3 times, before he became a successful merchant in Faaborg.
Participation and the Certificate are for free.

Teahouse with a view

The museum garden includes a teahouse that invites you to take a break and enjoy the view over the Archipelago. Inside, you will also find games, books and toys to play with.

Get the past of Faaborg right under your skin, when you visit “Den Gamle Gaard”. The entrance is situated close to the Town Jail museum and hosts a cozy little shop of handcraft products to bring home as a souvenir.

Opening hours & Prices 2020

1 Holkegade, 5600 Faaborg

Open with proper COVID-19 precautions.

30 June – 9 Aug: 12 pm to 4 pm. Monday closed

10 Aug – 9 Oct: 12 pm to 4 pm. Every weekend


Adults (18+): DKK 40
Children (u. 18): Free entrance

Buy tickets at the museum or online