Children of the Sea


Hear the voices of the Archipelago. Now, you can listen to childrens and grown-ups stories about life as a young islander in the Southern Funen Archipelago – from the Stone Age to present times. When you board the charming islands, many other adventures await you. Get activity tips for the whole family and try everything from hare spotting to dam building. Opening December 2022

Along the way, you will meet:

  • Valdemar the Young on Lyø in 13th century

Join the 14 year old king on a hunt to Lyø together with his father, Valdemar the Conqueror. It should have been a relaxing father/son trip, but suddenly everything changes.

  • Karoline on Avernakø in 19th century 

Join the 6 year old Karoline from Avernakø as she experiences one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit the Southern Funen Archipelago. The year is 1872 and a severe storm is raging.

  • Cloud on Bjørnø around 5000 BC

Join the 12 year old Stone Age boy Cloud, as he sets off for his first seal hunt on Bjørnø. Is he ready to become an adult and carry his weight in providing food for the family?

  • Children from the islands around 1930 and up till now

What if the school bus was a ferry? Meet children of the islands from the last couple of generations. Islanders share stories from their childhood on the islands. At present, only available in Danish.

The Children of the Sea project has been developed with funds from Nordea-fonden.


Please scan the QR-code on the sign posts and use your mobilephone to get the stories, available on the ferries to Lyø, Avernakø and Bjørnø and when you are on the islands. You will need internet access to hear the soundtracks.



Find the map

Get your own map of the routes here: Map_Children of the Sea