In Southern Funen, the magic of Nature awaits you everywhere. You can explore Øhavsmuseet’s exhibition on nature, ride your bike in the footstep of mammoths, sail and swim above the ancient seabed of the Stone Age or discover other Archipelago adventures. Join our guided activities or plan your own trip.


Mammoth trail

Mount your mountain bike in the hills of Svanninge Bakker and explore our brand new Mammoth Trail.
A unique MTB tour that takes you along the trail of the ancient mammoths. Take a break at the listening posts to learn more about the majestic mammals and some of the first humans that roamed the area.

The Nix and the Elf-girl


”The Nix and the Elf-girl” is a new hiking trail with listening posts that takes people of the present into the myth and superstition of the past. The hike is targeted older children. The combination between magical nature and the encounter of mythical creatures such as Elf-girls and The Nix creates a fascinating and sometimes a bit creepy experience. It shows how our ancestors included the supernaturals into their daily lives.


”Beneath the Ice” is a dramatised audio walk that plays whenever you choose. The setting is the beautiful countryside of Southern Funen.

In the company of the narrator and archeologist Sofie, you ascend from Faaborg into the hilly Ice Age landscape that cradles our picturesque town. Feel how your pulse quickens as you walk upwards with a lovestruck Hans Christian Andersen in your ear. Smell the pine forest as his beloved Riborg Voigt reads from their correspondence. And let yourself be captivated by the gentle hills that have mesmerized the famous painters Anne and Fritz Syberg.

Family dive into the past 

Invite your family on an exciting snorkelling safari to ancient times. Our skilled Øhavs guide will show you how to look for traces of Stone Age settlements.

Pack up your curiosity and take a deep breath. Now, you are ready to dive into the past with Øhavsmuseet and to feel the magic of the sea with all your senses.

Family Dive into the Past is ideal for families with kids or grandkids at the age between 8 and 14. We provide all gear needed for your snorkelling tour.

Water’s Way

Invite your kids on a magical adventure to experience Denmark’s first hikes, especially designed for children. Try the big aquaplay to experiment with hydro power yourself and activate the listening post with their fun fact stories about water’s immense importance to all of us.

Start at the water mill Kaleko Mølle, the oldest in Denmark, and let the fun begin.

Clear canoe with a view

Sail into the mesmerising past in a transparent canoe. Enjoy the magical views above and below sea, while it calmly cuts through the water.

Throughout history, people have seen Southern Funen from this very perspective, which you can now experience on our guided canoe tour.


Horseback-riding to the Ice Age


What better way to experience an Ice Age landscape than to mount a calm Icelandic horse and ride to the hills of Svanninge Bakker?

Be prepared for a breathtaking adventure together with Øhavsmuseet’s landscape archeologist Ph.d. Poul Baltzer Heide. In a small group you will be taken on a guided tour into the spectacular formations of the Ice Age. Whether you are a rider or have never sit in a saddle, you are perfectly fit for enjoying this astonishing nature from a horseback. The trip is arranged together with Østrup Turridning.


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